Peter Sheppard Compositions

This section contains my peal compositions, which includes some which I have subsequently discovered were previously composed by other people. In those situations I have endeavoured to credit the original composer, but have left them in this record as a reference to my development as a composer.

If you ring one of the compositions included then please do let me know so that I can update the database.

Plain Major
Single Surprise, Alliance or Delight Major
Spliced Major
Grandsire Caters
Spliced Caters & Royal
Bristol Royal
London No.3 & Triton Royal
Yorkshire Royal
Other Royal Methods
Plain Royal Methods
Spliced Royal
Grandsire Cinques
Stedman Cinques
Bristol Maximus
Cambridge Maximus
Yorkshire Maximus
Other Maximus Methods
Plain Maximus Methods
Spliced Maximus

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